Credits/ Contact

Commercials/ Promos / Idents :

Felix (DDB) Philips (DDB) VW (Radio DDB) Baker’s (DDB/McCann’s)

Oliver Sweeney (john Canning) Gourmet (DDB) Anadin (DDB) Johnson’s (Lowe’s)

Hasbro (DDB)  BT (AMV) Sheridan’s (Lowe’s) Ryvita (Publicis) Lurpak (DDB)

Cappy (Publicis) Vauxhall (Lowe’s) Homebase (AMV)

Cliffhanger (BBC) Jammie Dodgers (Saatchi’s)

Weeto’s (Lowe’s) Comet (Saatchi’s) Daily Telegraph (JWT)

Rover (M&C Saatchi)   Cif (Lowe’s)

Natural History Museum (Burkitt DDB) Rimmel (JWT)

John Smith’s (TBWA)  Danone (Rainey Kelly) Del Monte (RSCG)

Safeways (Bates UK) Peroni (Burkitt) Cif (Lowe’s) NSPCC (WWAV)

B&Q (Bates) World Cup trailers (Indonesia TV) etc.

Television Documentary:

The Plantagenets (BBC TV)

Ancient Megastructures (Nat. Geographic/ Darlow Smithson)

The Valley of the Kings (History Channel/Atlantic Productions)

Storyville: McLibel (BBC TV)

The Week in Review (Sky TV)

PMQs (Sky TV)

Health and Social Care - 2 series  

(Channel 4 Squeeze Productions)

Marry Me (BBC TV)

Feature Films:

Camberwell Beauty (d. Chris Ward Wet Paint Films)

Age of Stupid (Spanner Productions)

Songs of Alchemy (Electric Films)

Hound (wet Paint Films)

Short Films:

Save! (Stalking Tiger)

Hallsands (Stalking Tiger)

Pleasure marriages (ASI Productions)

Lonely Drinks (ASI Productions)

Four Shades of Red (LIFS)

The Lodger (Ben Productions)

Childrens TV Drama:

Belfry Witches (13 episodes) - BBC TV

Little Big Mouth (7 Episodes) - ITV/Squeeze Productions


Stillicide (BBC Radio 4 Serial)

Turbulence (BBC Radio 4 Serial)

The Captured Enemy (BBC Radio 4/ Goldhawk Productions)

Turbulence (BBC Radio 4 Serial)

Beata Beatrix (Resonance FM)

Water Sculptures (BBC Radio)

Book at Bedtime: Care of Wooden Floors (BBC Radio 4)

Solo Albums:

Proserpine's Gold

Opera Scura

Production of Library Music:

Feature Sounds Music Library, Hollywood, CA 90078

Transition Music, Toluca Lake, CA 91610

Felt Music, London W1F 8TG


Eros and Psyche (Opera). Performed at the Arcola Theatre and The Actor’s Church, Covent Garden

Songs of Alchemy (Opera). Performed at the Arcola Theatre, London

Flood (Opera). Performed at the Arcola Theatre, London

Universal will to self-destruct (multi-media opera). Performed at Marriott theatre, Cairo

Music of the Spheres (City of London Choir)

They are all gone into the world of light /

Concluding Mortal (Camden Chamber Choir)

The Rock (Opera Minima)

The Muses Song Cycle

The Berkeley Ball Opera

William Blake song cycle

Magnificent 7 (BBC TV)

Down to earth (BBC TV)

Something Spooky (Atomic Kitten)

Microsoft the Opera

String Quartet

Beata Beatrix

Professional Qualifications :

BMus Honours (University of Surrey)

MA (Music and theatre): (University of Middlesex)

Dip. Film Music Composition: Westminster College/Trinity College London

Member of PRS, MU, PCAM, BASCA

Teaching/Lecturing :

Brady Arts Centre (Guest Lecturer Film Music BTEC Course). 2006-2017

ThinkSpace tutor. 2015-17.

Personal :

Nationality: British

Languages: French, German

Contact :


tel: 07930 141212